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happy halloween. its fucking halloween every day from now until the end of october. happy fucking halloween

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Happy 1st of October!

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announcements at school

Fox News

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Thoughts on stage diving →

"You’re a fucking asshole if you stagedive feet first. You’re a fucking asshole if you don’t judge your jump. Make eye contact with the area you’re heading, make sure it’s all smiles and righteous rage."

And that’s exactly it. Every crowd is different. People need to be aware of themselves and their surroundings. If you want to be close to the stage at a show with a pit be prepared to defend yourself. Be aware of the crowd’s movements; you can usually feel a surfer coming.

As a girl who likes to be front and center (very front or I can’t see) I know that I am risking being crushed, kicked, elbowed… And I accept it. It always helps to be next to a taller person who can help deflect. If I feel it gets to be too much I know I can make my way to the back.

Ace and Gary!! Walter!!

And we pray to the lords Smith and Wesson, Jack and Daniels…

How to Train Your Dragon




High Five New York

See? Now this is a prank. Something silly and good intentioned and actually funny. Not groping poor, unsuspecting girls.

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